About Us & History

For a lot of reasons, Chinese government devotes major efforts to spread OpenSource software (include Linux). Early in 2002, Beijing local government began to deploy Desktop Linux and OpenOffice in government departments.

In 2002 ~ 2003, we encountered a lot of problems in using Desktop Linux and OpenOffice in government, mostly come from file format, usability, and functionality(some details is described in "Why we need Co-Create Office?").

From early 2003, we began to aware that interoperability and usability are main difficulties for deploying OpenSource software. So a new project was found to improve OpenOffice for enterprise and government usage. This is Co-Create Office.

The new strategy get big success. In the government purchase of 2004 ~ 2005, Co-Create Office has gotten 1000% sales increase and is widely used in Beijing Government, include both Windows Platform and Desktop Linux Platform.

The usage model in Beijing is "Mixed Deployment", which means some people use MS Office, others use Co-Create Office. In another word, Co-Create Office can be deployed in a MS Office ecosystem.

Although MS Office is still in leading roleCo-Create Office has proved that OpenSource office suite can do used in enterprise or government.

Under the support of "Beijing IT Industry Promotion Center", we decide to share our experience and software with people in other countries. The first step is to setup opensource project, then we will open many documents gradually.

Co-Create Office is developed by Beijing Co-Create Open Source Software Co., Ltd.