Co-Create Office Features List

We have made more than 400 improvements on original OpenOffice. The new features can be organized as 4 categories:

  • Dual native file format
  • Performance improvement
  • UI and usability improvement
  • Bug fix and add new features

Dual native file format:

  • Cut down some features that can't support dual native file format.
  • Change native file format to MS Office file format(doc, xls and ppt), user can change back to OpenDocument file format(select Tools>Options>Load/Save/General, in Default file format region).
  • Support "compatibility option" (In MS Word, select "Tools">"Options">"Compatibility"), so MS Office will open Co-Create Office saved doc file correctly.
  • Improve the layout algorithm when "Document Grid" is exist. This cause the compatibility when opening CJK doc files are dramatically improved.
  • Improve "punctuation compression", "pair kerning", etc. algorithm to make document layout almost the same as in MS Office.
  • Support "Document Grid" when saved in MS doc file format.
  • Improve "line height", "line space" and "paragraph space" compatibility.
  • Improve "page size / header & footer" position compatibility.
  • Improve "page break" compatibility.
  • Import number format in presentation.
  • Using "character" and "line" as the unit of paragraph.
  • Import/Export tab position correctly.
  • Import/Export "Autosize" property of frame (which is extensively used in page number feature).

Performance improvement:

  • Asynchronous open Doc file, much faster than before especially for large size document.
  • Asynchronous open Ppt file, 2 ~ 10 times faster than before.
  • New design of quick start under Windows.
  • Improve speed when load remote image.

UI and usability improvement:

  • Rearrange menus and toolbars to make them easy to use.
  • Add some new toolbar button to make office easy to use.
  • Modify some dialogs to make them easy to use.
  • Much improved document Header/Footer support, better look & feel, easy to use.
  • Improve the look & feel of pull down menu to make them beautiful.
  • Modify some default properties.
  • Improve error message display in spreadsheet.
  • Remember "zoom factor" in document and display correctly.
  • Automatic set default filename for new documents(select some characters at document beginning as default file name).
  • Modify increase/decrease step for spin field.
  • Select lines by click beside left document border.
  • Multi-master page support in presentation (Now user can use presentation template with more than one master page just like MS Office).
  • Move document position to center of Window.
  • Sometimes don't change toolbar for different object(in presentation), to avoid "unstable" feeling.
  • Double click to change spreadsheet name.
  • Change the look & feel of gray button to make them more beautiful.
  • Increase control size to make them show clearly under Linux.

Bug fix and add new features:

  • Support "View">"Grid" to assist document edit.
  • Add some new table operation in writer (in "Table" pull down menu).
  • Add "Insert number", "Insert Date", "Insert Symbol" functions.
  • Add "Character Direction" dialog.
  • Add "Section Break" support.
  • Improve autocorrect to support CJK characters.
  • Add "Insert Page Number" function.