Co-Create Office is a new branch of OpenOffice which aims at providing enterprise-class office suite. Co-Create Office is designed to support "mixed deployment" of MS office and OpenSource office suite, which is very common in small companies and government departments.

Co-Create Office dramatically improves interoperability, speed and usability. Co-Create Office is very success in many government departments of Beijing, China.

NOTE: This version of Co-Create is originally designed for Chinese version, so maybe some default values, dialogs etc. are not suitable for English. For example, the default font size is 10.5pt, not the commonly used 12pt for English. We will improve this soon.

Highlights of Co-Create Office 2006:

  • Can use either OpenDocument (odt, ods, odp) or MS file format (Doc, Xls, Ppt) as native file format.
  • Asynchronous open Doc and Ppt files, 2 ~ 10 times faster when open bigger presentation files.
  • Easy to use, MS office users can change to Co-Create Office without training.
  • Accurate layout, almost the same as MS Office.
  • Professional UI, clean, clear and neat.

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